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Medications Can Affect Your Oral Health

If you’re one of the Quincy residents who depends on medications to keep them healthy, it is important to understand that they could cause many problems for your oral health. Some medications negatively impact the teeth, mouth, and the gums. It is important to know if your medication has the potential to cause oral health problems and how to respond. Nothing is more important than protecting your beautiful smile!

Not all medications cause problems for your oral health -but many can, including some vitamins. These medications pose various types of risk to your oral health, but none are issues that you want to experience. Your doctor should inform you of potential oral health risks before writing a prescription and the leaflets provided with your prescriptions can also provide information. However, some problems are unique and affect each person differently.

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Dry mouth, tooth decay, and tooth infections are among the most common problems experienced as the result of medications. This isn’t a full list of the potential problems, of course. When you start a new medication, pay attention to anything unusual that happens within a few weeks of using this medication and report any side effects and/or symptoms to the doctor.

Problems with medications and oral health are most common in children, since they tend to use syrups to take medicine. However, adult medications also pose risk. Asthma inhalers are also known to cause problems for a person’s health. If your teeth have been affected by medications, cosmetic dentistry quincy can help improve the look of your mouth. Cosmetic dentists offer a variety of services that improve the appearance of your mouth. From partial dentures to veneers and teeth whitening, this is the dentist that you can trust when oral problems cause you strain.